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Don’t Get Married To This Set Of People

Don’t Get Married To This Set Of People

Many people adore the concept of marriage, but the terrible news they constantly hearing keeps them from pursuing it.

Don't Get Married To This Set Of People
Don’t Get Married To This Set Of People

Some, particularly the redpillers, may claim defiance, but deep down they want to settle down, but they don’t know who to settle down with.

I can’t tell you who you should marry, but I can tell you who you shouldn’t.

I- Never marry a person who does not fear God. It’s perilous.
They may be afraid of you in your presence, either because of your financial clout as their benefactor or because you might become enraged and do them dirty if they wrong you. But don’t underestimate how quickly they can change if they ultimately get what you’re offering them from somewhere else, and their fear of you fades away, and they do what they want. Cheat on you, blackmail you, and divorce you, of course.
2…Never marry someone who has a hard time forgiving minor infractions.

I had to include basic fault because if I just said forgive, you would take him/her for granted and do whatever you want. You may use your tongue since you know they’ll forgive you in the end. But, in this sense, I mean, don’t get married to someone who has grudges for a long time and sees no reason to let them go, who doesn’t forgive readily but holds grudges. This sign will be visible during courtship, but if you are blinded by love, money, or figure 8 or 6 packs, you will miss it. Marriage, please close your eyes.

3 Don’t get married to someone who has too many beliefs that are diametrically opposed to yours.

By opposing ideas, I don’t mean APC vs PDP, which are nearly the same thing; rather, don’t marry an extremist of any kind, unless you and your partner are extremists.
4 don’t get married to a liar
You’ll see it o, but you’ll laugh it off and remark, “But you can lie sha smile.” Don’t be concerned, no; marry him/her. You’re going to hear whin. You can always tell where you stand with a womanizer, and you can always tell where you stand with a thief, but you can never tell where you stand with a habitual LIAR. Don’t tell me he doesn’t lie to me sha, the breakfast is going to reach everyone one day, and you’ll regret yourself for being one of the many wise people he/she duped.

  1. Don’t get married to a sadist.
    There are certain things that smiling and laughing can avert, some things that dancing and playing can repair, some things that cuddling and chiding can heal, but if you wind up with a sadist, there are some things that cuddling and chiding can’t fix. I don’t have anything to say to you.

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