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Do You Have High Hypertension? Eat Pears And Apples To Keep Her At Bay

Hypertension is a public health problem of great importance and the leading cause of death worldwide. Having high blood pressure is an indication of heart problems, among other diseases, so it should be taken very seriously.

When we have high blood pressure, our hearts have to pump harder to move blood, which ends up wearing down arteries and the heart and causing serious problems that can lead to death. The consequences of hypertension include heart attack, heart or kidney failure, and cerebrovascular accidents.

Pears and apples: (Photo via getty inages)

As they explain from the Heart Foundation, to control hypertension it is often enough to promote a change in lifestyle: stopping smoking, adopting a diet as healthy as possible, losing weight, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and drinking less salt is essential.

A balanced diet can do a lot to lower stress. As we have seen, avoiding salt is key, as is leaving aside sweets, red meat, margarines, preserves, smoked, fried, and whole dairy products.

On the contrary, we must adopt a diet in which fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and skimmed dairy are predominant. Also, dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure.

Pears and apples good for Hypertension

Pears and apples: (Photo via getty inages)

In general, it is said that we should eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, in addition to reducing fat and salt. And among the fruits, bet on the most basic: apples and pears.

Pears are rich in vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and water, and it is said that consuming a pear a day can control high blood pressure.

The blocks contain a component called skin quercetin, which acts on a related enzyme in the regulation of blood pressure. Remember to wash the apple very well before eating it and do not peel it for the best results for your health.

The role of flavonoids

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It has long been known that these two fruits can help lower blood pressure thanks to their antioxidant properties, which is due to their high vitamin C content.

More recently, another study has shown that foods rich in flavonoids have a positive impact on blood pressure levels. This explains why apples and pears can help lower blood pressure since they are rich in this component.

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Flavonoids have cardioprotective properties that are enhanced by the intestinal microbiome, the bacteria that we have in the digestive tract. By eating pears and apples, among other products rich in flavonoids, we are accelerating their metabolism and helping them act in our favor, lowering our blood pressure.

In recent years, studies have multiplied showing the role of flavonoids in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. Recent research has evaluated the role of the intestinal microbiome in the process.

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