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Court grant lady 5 million bail over nude video.

Few days ago one miss Charlotte Delhi was arrested by the department of state security service, in relation with the release of the nude image of the formmer permanent secretary of Bayelsa state, Dr Walton Liverpool, after their blackmailing attempt went sour , The federal high Court yenagoa was on Thursday 21 October 2021 granted her a bail of about 5 million niara, the said miss Charlotte Delhi is from bayelsa state, aside the 5 million bail grant for miss Charlotte , she must also in accordance of the law provide a surety with landed property in the jurisdiction of the state. Dr Walton whose nude image surfaced on social media consen toted on meeting miss Charlotte through Facebook and had a conjugatal encounter with her at Golden Gate hotel in yenegoa.
Dr. Walton futher explained that the nude video of himself circulating online has put him in a psychological I’mbalance. He also narrated that it is the day after bagging his PHD certificate that he got a text message from unknown source telling him that they have his nude , that he should pay the sum of 15 million naira if he don’t want the public disgrace, he pleaded with with them that he will pay 1 million of which he will sell a landed property to raise the money , they refused saying 5 million on not. On 26th of September they released his nude images all over social media.

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