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CAUTION! ! ! Stop Doing These 5 Things Immediately After Eating, As It May Cause Harmful To Your Health

Food is vital to our survival on earth. However, we should ensure that the food we eat is not only nutritious but also prepared hygienically. We do certain things immediately after eating hurts our health and may not allow our body to absorb the nutrients it needs. Here are some of them.

1) eat fruit immediately after a meal: This seems to be the perfect choice to make after a meal, but eating fruit after a meal is not advisable because it will confuse you with the food you eat and cause digestive problems.

2) It is also very wrong to go to bed immediately after a meal, because it causes the digestive juices in the stomach to move up to the chest, causing heartburns. This will affect the digestive process.

3) Bathing: Bathing immediately after a meal can make blood rush to the skin and regulate body temperature. This can cause digestive problems.

4) Exercise: This is a harmful habit after meals, because it disrupts the digestive process, causing vomiting and stomach swelling.

5) Drinking water: Many people drink water immediately after a meal without knowing that it is harmful. This is because it makes the digestion process difficult. After all, it reduces the secretion of digestive juice in the stomach.

The best time to drink water is half an hour before meals or one hour after meals.

6) Smoking:

Smoking is very harmful to health. However, smoking after meals is even worse. This is because cigarettes contain carcinogens, which can aggravate irritable bowel syndrome.


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