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Buhari’s Regime Places Travel Ban On UK, Canada & 2 Other Countries

Recent reports from People’s Gazette had revealed that Buhari’s Regime Places Travel Ban On UK, Canada and 2 other countries in retaliation as these countries added Nigeria to their red list due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The reports revealed that by Tuesday, flights to and from these countries would be suspended.

As the Buhari’s Regime Places Travel Ban On UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Argentina, it means that citizens of these countries or Nigerians living in the affected countries cannot take direct flights into the Nigeria and vice versa.

The Nigerian minister for aviation, Hadi Sirika noted that the Nigerian Government cannot sit back and watch Nigeria been treated unfairly by other countries Mr Sirika spoke on this matter and his statement reads,

” It’s necessary for the Nigerian government to retaliate against the nations who placed Nigeria on it’s red list and since our citizens aren’t permitted to enter their territory, we can as well place restrictions on their citizens too”.

Mr Sirika added that: “ I am certain that in 3 days time, notably on Tuesday, the travel ban against UK, Canada, Argentina and Saudi Arabia would become effective”.

” The ban would also affect the airlines from these countries and it’s necessary we retaliate to prove ourselves even though it would also affect us”.

” It can be recalled that the United kingdom banned flights to Nigeria over fears of the Omicron Covid-19 variant after Nigeria recorded some cases of the mutated virus.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia also joined in placing travel restrictions on Nigeria after the Arab nation banned non-citizens from Nigeria from taking flights into the Saudi Arabia.

Moussa Faki Mahamat, who is the chairperson of the African union commission  pointed out that the ban placed on African countries mostly from Europe is a clear evidence of stigmatization against Africans.

In Nigeria, the Governors Forum also Criticized the travel ban against Nigeria by the government of UK and Canada and the Forum viewed it as an act of discrimination.

The Nigerian Governors forum said “ The travel ban placed on Nigeria by the United Kingdom and Canada is simply harsh and unreasonable, there is no guarantee that these countries would be fully protected from the Omicron Covid-19 virus if the impose ban on Nigeria”.

Omicron Virus

As Buhari’s Regime Places Travel Ban On UK, Canada, Argentina and Saudi Arabia in retaliation, this would further deepen the diplomatic crisis between Nigeria and other friendly countries.

In a previous report by Aniomapress development on the recent tussle between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates was made over Airspace rights for Air Peace in the Sharjah international airport in UAE.

This makes it a total of 5 countries currently in a strained diplomatic relationship with Nigeria over travel restrictions.

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