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Australian judge reinstates Novak Djokovic’s visa

Novak Djokovic’s uncle, mother, father, and brother hold a press conference as the tennis star was set to be released from an Australian immigration center.

Novak Djokovic’s uncle, mother, father, and brother hold a press conference as the tennis star was set to be released from an Australian immigration center.
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Perhaps in the social media age, or just our vindictive society, being the best ever at something is going to cause a mass amount of idiocy around you. Then again, when you’re the author of that idiocy, maybe we have to admit that to be the best ever to play any sport, it takes such a singular focus that everything else in your life becomes some sort of mind-numbing ooze. Tiger Woods, Aaron Rodgers, Novak Djokovic, it’s getting almost cartoonish.

The Djokovic saga in Australia somehow got dumber, maybe even dangerous, and all of it could have been avoided if Djoker wasn’t a world-class moron about getting vaccinated, or really many things outside of playing tennis. He has no peer on the court or in his bewildering thoughts off it.

Perhaps when you took the weekend off, you forgot about all this. And how we envy you. Maybe you left off at Djokovic stuck in a quarantine hotel as Australian courts decided whether or not his visa to play in the Australian Open would be revoked or not, after the Slam granted him an exemption to play without being vaccinated.

That quarantine hotel was one source of idiocy, or at least an excellent snapshot of how the rich view anyone who isn’t rich. Djokovic’s family couldn’t stop bitching about the conditions, which might have been an excellent time to show how the government treats poor immigrants and the lack of dignity they are afforded. Instead, it was treated as just an insult to Djokovic that he had to live like something below the five-star level for a couple days. You know what never stops? The indignities.

And the illustration of why Djokovic was fighting all this, and why he was being put through this process, became clear today when he revealed that he had tested positive for COVID three weeks ago. Australia does have a caveat for those who have recently had the virus to not have the vaccine, which is the out Djokovic used to get his release from Circuit Court Judge Anthony Kelly, who reinstated his visa.

Of course, it’s not that simple. Djokovic’s camp, his family basically, said that he tested positive on December 16th. Well, here he is appearing at an event for his foundation on the 17th, in public, and without a mask:

Here he is on the 16h:

All of this led to maybe the greatest press conference in tennis history today, held by his father and brother:

Mel Brooks is crying at not being able to create something this hilarious.

None of this is a surprise, as Djokovic has been a brainiac when it comes to COVID-19 for pretty much the entire pandemic. He’s the genius who had a full tournament in Serbia in what were the opening months of the pandemic, parading around with other players unmasked in front of full crowds who were neither masked nor distanced. He then tested positive soon after it. You’d think that would have been enough for him to get vaxxed, but you don’t realize how much of a race Djokovic is in with Aaron Rodgers to see who can get more up their own ass. Perhaps Djokovic thought he could just wish it away.

The added hot sauce to this is that outside his lawyer’s office in Australia, police pepper sprayed his fans who had gathered there. So that’s fun.

And it’s not over. The minister of Immigration of Australia could still step in and boot Djokovic’s galaxy-brained ass into the ether, though we might not find out about that for a couple days. And he could extend that ban from the country for three years, which would send his clearly reasonable family into orbit. You should be rooting for this.

Perhaps you could not ask for a clearer illustration of how the selfish can always buy their way out of the messes of their own creation, while spitting on those who can’t afford the same avenues, and how they all hold us back, even when their stupidity couldn’t be any clearer. All Djokovic had to do was take two shots months ago. Instead we have all of this.

As St. Carlin said, “Just enjoy the show.”

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