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A British Man Agitates For Biafra In UK

The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu had drawn the attention of numerous of his sympathizers worldwide and lately, in a news made by Sahara reporters, a British man ( name withheld) had led a Protest to the United Kingdom Congress house demanding the quick redemption of Nnamdi Kanu.

The British man who has led a kick to the United Kingdom Parliament to questioned the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on how he overlooked the perceived marginalisation of people of the South-East also known as Igbos in Nigeria. The white man who was followed by people with Biafran flags contended that the UK Prime minister is only after the plutocrat ( money) and power.

He also demanded to know why the British government kept silent over the oppression, killing, kidnapping and ill-treatment of Igbo people, especially their women by Fulani herdsmen.
The man also challenged the British Prime Minister to ensure the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu is unconstitutionally released as a British citizen. He also stated that the United Kingdom government ought to have no relationship with the Nigerian government, which he described as “ the worst government on earth”.

The statement of white man reads-

“ Millions of Biafrans were slaughtered and starved to death by the British government, the British government starved over three million children between 1967 and 1970 and you sit behind those doors and you know what’s going on, exactly the same is going on now to innocent people and you’re covering all up because you don’t want the average person to know what’s going on.

“ Children are being bullied, people are being ravished every single day in this Nigeria and you keep quiet. The British High Commissioner to Nigeria who is the closest British official in Nigeria ought to have spoken against the wrong actions of the government doesn’t care at all. She continues to have meetings with the members of the Nigerian government that put their people in a sorry state”.

The British High commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Liang do not care about innocent people killed every single day and you have one person who tries to free his people, he’s held in detention immorally, even though he’s a British citizen. Why do we not hear about that? I allowed we watched about these people”. All the British care about is what the gain from the country without minding the outcome. People talk about third world governments being loose. The Freedom of Nnamdi Kanu who fights for his people should be your priority”.

The name of the British Man was not made public from the reports of the media but his conduct had spoken for him, he seeks redemption for Nnamdi kanu because he’s a British citizen and innocent of the count charges made against him by the Nigerian government. The Man also spoke against the silence of the British government over the maltreatment of the igbo people, bad government and endless killings in Nigeria.

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