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9 Things Men Need to Know About Women Menstruation

Menstruation was once a forbidden subject among women and letting men know anything about it was a real taboo. Nowadays, things are a little different. There are women who feel embarrassed to talk about this subject with their husbands, while others manage to help them understand this phase without major problems.

It is important for a couple that the husband knows this feminine phase so that he can understand all the changes that his wife is subject to and help her to get through it.

Menstruating is not a big deal, it is related to the preparation of the woman’s body for the arrival of a new life. For many women this phase brings a terrible discomfort, while for others it is very quiet and brief.

What do men need to know about all this?

1. PMS is not a feminine frenzy
Pre-menstrual tension affects a good number of women. For some of them it causes little discomfort, however, for others it is a real martyrdom. PMS has been studied a lot, and it can be said that the hormonal changes that occur in the second phase of the menstrual cycle are the main causes of these symptoms, which vary from fatigue, depression, and even increased appetite and easy crying.

2. Women tend to swell during this phase
Your wife has not gained weight suddenly. It is common during the menstrual period for women to have a swollen abdomen.

3. Menstrual period
It varies from woman to woman. There are women who are happy to menstruate for two or three days, while others spend almost a third of the month this way.

4. Fertile period
The beginning of the menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of menstruation and the beginning of a woman’s fertile period starts from the eleventh day and lasts until the sixteenth day. If you intend to get pregnant, this is the most suitable period.

5. Increase in sensibility
It is true that women become more sensitive during the menstrual period, this is also due to the hormonal change that culminates in this phase. Many women find themselves crying for any reason during menstruation, believe me it’s normal!

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6. It is possible to get pregnant
It is not common, but it is possible. So, even if the woman is going through her menstrual period, prevention is still indicated.

7. Washing your head and drinking ice cream is OK!
Grandmas used to believe that women during their menstrual period should avoid certain things. Fortunately, today we know that these were just beliefs. Women during their menstrual period can live a normal life, they can play sports, wash their heads, drink ice-cream, and everything else they feel like doing.

8. Intimacy during menstruation
It is up to the couple to decide. Some women feel uncomfortable due to the menstrual flow, while for others there are no problems. If the husband doesn’t mind, there is nothing wrong with having intimacy during this period.

9. Absorbents, a matter of taste
There are several types of sanitary pads on the market. With or without tabs (which attach to the side of the panties), thicker ones for days of heavy flow and thinner ones for the end of the period, with cotton coverage (usually called soft) or with dry coverage, night pads, and also the internal ones. Usually each woman has her own favourite, which makes her more comfortable and safe for these days.

Women go through this menstrual cycle for a good part of their lives and even so they manage to take care of the house, the family, work outside, study and have fun. Value the woman by your side, she deserves all your recognition, after all, going through this every month is no easy task!

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