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636 Nigerians Killed in October Alone – Analysis

A report on the security crisis in Nigeria says 636 people were killed in October alone in parts of Nigeria.

Beacon Consulting publishes a report on its security situation in Nigeria on a monthly basis and makes recommendations to the authorities.

The company’s report said its figures affected 33 Nigerian states in 105 local government areas.

The report shows how the company conducted research and analysis and compiled their statistics in October. And the magnitude of the threat of attacks in northern Nigeria despite the measures taken by the federal government and the states.

The figures show a drop in the number of people killed in Nigeria in October compared to a September report in which 663 people were killed.

But the report says this is the fourth month in a row that more than 600 people have been killed in Nigeria since June, the deadliest month in Nigeria in 2021 with 1031 people killed.

According to the report, the figures include those killed in the Boko Haram insurgency, as well as bandits in northwestern Nigeria and those killed by security forces on the job, as well as security personnel and they lost their lives on the battlefield.

And the escalation of crime in southwestern Nigeria, including the crackdown on prisons in Oyo State and the impact of Nigeria’s crackdown on Biafran President Nnamdi Kanu, which is fueling IPOB members and escalating violence in the south-west and South East.

The most murderous area

The report said that the situation changed from north to south, with the south-west and south-east experiencing a 22 percent increase compared to 19 percent in the northwest and north-central. The South and North East saw a nine percent increase.

But despite the change, the death toll remained unchanged, with 258 killed in the northwest and 158 in the northeast.

In the north-central region 109 people were killed, in the southeast 65 people, while in the southwest 30 people were killed, 16 people in the southwest.

But the report said security problems in the northwest decreased by 47 percent between September and October, as well as in the north central by 39 percent.

But according to the report there has been an increase in militant activity in the South East by 71 percent and 19 percent in the South West respectively.

The report also said that militants attacks in Kaduna, Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara states have decreased due to security measures, including the disruption of communications, the banning of shopping and mining activities.

However, according to the report, the number of attacks in Sokoto State increased sharply in September despite measures taken.


Experts report that despite measures taken by the four northwestern states on the issue of piracy attacks, it has eased the attacks but there is a need to take joint action in the region such as border monitoring and search cooperation with neighboring Nigerien authorities in Nigerian states.

The study threatens that attacks and kidnappings will increase due to the current economic crisis in Nigeria and rising commodity prices in the country.

The report calls on the country’s authorities to begin efforts to address the growing dissatisfaction among Nigerians with a view to curbing the high number of killings.

Authorities are also urged to develop measures to improve the deteriorating social order especially in northern Nigeria and ensure punishment for criminals in the country.

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