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6 Ways To Set Your Professional Goals As A Freelancer

Freelancers and professionals from all walks of life, you won’t get far without goals! It would be like sailing without a rudder. Goals help you stay on track and increase your productivity by adopting the right strategies.

So, how to formulate your professional ambitions? Adopt these 6 methods!

1. Based on what you like to do

set professional goals

First thing to do: prioritize your passions. To determine your goals, base yourself on what you like to do every day, not on current trends.

  • What projects are you passionate about?
  • What industry (s) do you love to work in?
  • What missions do you like to carry out?

This will help you identify the projects that you are passionate about. The goal is not to stray from it during your career.

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2. Use the SMART method to set your goals

The SMART method is a strategy to help you set your goals. Each goal should be:

  • S pecific: clear, precise to devote all your efforts to it.
  • M easurable: to track your progress and stay motivated. Evaluating your progress allows you to stay focused, while meeting your deadlines.
  • A cceptable: to stay motivated, your goals must align your passion with your ambition.
  • R ealistic: Your goals should be realistic, in line with your skills, your structure and your financial capabilities.
  • T emporellement defined: each goal needs a deadline on which to focus. It helps to keep day-to-day tasks from overriding your long-term goals.

3. Express your goal in a positive way

set professional goals

To avoid setting goals that are out of reach or even unattainable, keep your resolutions as positive and optimistic as possible. It will help you tackle the toughest tasks and challenges with positive thoughts and feelings every time.

You must be the first to believe in achieving your ambition.

To do this, visualize your successes: close your eyes and imagine your life after having accomplished your ultimate mission. See how proud and happy you are, but also what possessions you may have acquired (a nice trip, a new home or new premises to expand your business!).

4. Build your professional network on the basis of passion

Building your network is necessary for your professional activity. In addition to business opportunities, your colleagues and partners can help you target your goals and take any important steps to achieve them.

The experience of others is always an excellent decision-making aid for your own business, especially if these other professionals share the same passions as you.

You need a perspective on your activity and a different perspective to better visualize your journey.

A network of passionate professionals will support you in the pursuit of your goals.

5. Learn from your competitors

set professional goals

Take a look around and find competitors who can be a real source of inspiration. Learn from their mistakes and successes to set your own goals, as well as the journey to reach them.

  • What phases did they go through?
  • What are the biggest stages in their evolution?

Analyzing these facts will clearly help you chart the best path to success.

6. Clarify your talents

Your goals should be compatible with your skills. Make a list of your professional experiences, specifying the positions held.

Beyond your “technical” experience, think about the talents or skills acquired in the performance of these functions: ease of communication, more empathy, autonomy, taking initiative …

Also survey your daily life: what are you doing better and faster than average?

Clarifying your talents and skills allows you to set realistic goals that take into account your strengths, such as your weaknesses .

The goals you set for yourself determine the course of your professional activity. Whether you are a self-employed person or an employee, rely on passion, positivism and your network to set the course for your business or your career.

Finally, summarize your main goal in a single sentence, which you will need to place in a place where you can see it on a daily basis!

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