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5 Benefits of masturbation

The masturbation and sexual exploration solo has long been taboo. And even more female masturbation ! However, this practice that spices up your sex life and gives you pleasure also has fabulous health benefits.

Here are 10 reasons to indulge yourself fully … without guilt, none!

1. It accentuates the pleasure of two
Double masturbation can be very exciting , plus it’s a way to get to know your partner better. Guide his hand to caresses that stimulate you. It’s a great way to show each other how much you love to be petted! Stronger, softer, with a sex toy or through your clothes … Foreplay with masturbation is a great way to have fun!

2. It helps reduce stress and anxiety
During masturbation, the brain secretes endorphins which promote well-being and reduce stress and anxiety. These hormones are multiplied during orgasm, resulting in muscle relaxation which accentuates the feeling of relaxation . Masturbation is therefore a significant ally of “zenitude”. Yes, masturbating is self-care !

3. It improves self-knowledge
Solitary pleasure is necessary for self-knowledge. Here is the parallel that I often mention: it’s by cooking yourself a variety of pasta that you end up knowing what you prefer! Are you more carbonara or lasagna, do you like cooking al dente or when it’s tender?! In other words, it is by experimenting with different caresses that you can discover what stimulates you sexually. If you don’t know, how can your partner know?

4. It promotes sleep
Many admit to practicing masturbation before bedtime because it promotes sleep . This is again thanks to endorphins which act as a natural sleeping pill. So here’s a great way to make business fun.

5. It multiplies the pleasure
Between you and me, do you sometimes find yourself feeling a little over your appetite after sex? The joy of masturbation is, among other things, being able to have as many orgasms as you want. The multiorgasmic power is unlimited in solo!

In addition, I take this opportunity to tell you that masturbation does not have to be only part of the foreplay. It can constitute a complete sexual relationship as such. Penetration is always optional , and if you prefer stroking, indulge yourself!

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