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4 Mistakes You Should Not Make While Planning For Christmas

Christmas comes with a lot expenses. Purchase of children’s cloths, shoes, contribution for end of the year events, among others.

Sometimes, because of the scarcity of cash, pressure from family and loved ones, people even borrow to meet up.

In this article, I will highlight 4 mistakes you should not make while preparing for Christmas.

Don’t fail to include January in your plans: Many people spend without taking cognizance of the fact that January is just days ahead.

While making plans on how to spend your money during the Yuletide, plans should also be made for school fees, food, utilities and other bills. You don’t want to go on a begging spree and incure huge debts because you failed to plan ahead.

Don’t eat or drink excessively: Despite the fact that Christmas is a season of eating and drinking, you should not be carried away.

During this season, many lives are cut short via accidents, because of drunkenness occasioned by excessive drinking.

Restrain yourself from eating every food you are offered to avoid food poisoning, which is usually prevalent this period.

Don’t fail to give to the needy: At Christmas, everyone deserves to be happy. It is actually the best season to show love and give to those in need.

Do well to reach out to the physically challenged, less privileged and those with special needs. Many of these individuals, because of the condition they find themselves cannot buy food or clothes to celebrate the Yuletide.

Surprise them with cash gifts, food items, cloths, books, and other gift items. If you can, invite them to have breakfast, dinner or launch with your family.
By giving, you exemplify the reason for the season which is selfless love to all.

Be security conscious: The rate of insecurity across the country has risen exponentially these past few years.

Everyday, we read news of people being abducted or killed while traveling. Before traveling to the village or city to spend the Christmas holiday, due diligence must be followed.

It is advisable you use the safest means of transportation this season. If you can afford, it is better to travel by air or train.

As a visitor in any city or village, try and be modest in your dealings. Like the way you spend money or talk. Don’t make or answer any business or money related call in public to avoid the preying eyes of criminals to yourself.

And also, don’t travel or visit a stranger without letting your family member(s) know.

As you celebrate the Yuletide, it is important you arm yourself with the above tips for your happiness, safety and peace of mind.

How do you plan on spending the Christmas? Let me know in the comment section.

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