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30 Twitter tools you need to know to gain followers

Discover 30 tools that will help you gain followers and better use and analyze Twitter . Do not hesitate to share the article on social networks.

Gain followers on Twitter


TwitFox will automatically add tweets relating to the keywords of your choice to your favorites. Interested in your profile, these Twitter users provide you with real added value. This tool offers advanced options for better audience quality.


SocialBro is a marketing platform for Twitter. The tool allows you to analyze, engage and monetize your audiences. Offering powerful search options, it allows you to effectively orient your target audiences: customers or influencers. A good and very practical tool to start increasing the number of your followers on Twitter.


Twibble allows you to add RSS (blog, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) and choose the moment to send your tweets and gain followers. The marketing tool adds beautiful images to each of your tweets and encourages your target audiences to follow you and share them automatically.


The BirdSong is an analysis tool for social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to make your marketing campaigns more effective and to identify new possibilities to increase your audience. By allowing you to analyze any public account in just five steps, it ensures better audience quality.



Tweepi, is an account management tool for managing follow / unfollow on Twitter. With a single click, it allows you to stop following people who don’t follow you, follow those who follow you, remove inactive ones and discover new followers in order to follow them.


The JustUnfollow is a tool for managing Twitter and Instagram accounts. It allows you to find inactive users, identify unfollowers in order to unsubscribe and keep track of actions that affected your subscribers and unfollowers.


Tweetadder is an automated management tool for increasing the number of Twitter followers. The tool helps you woo your potential readers and develop close relationships with existing customers. It increases traffic to your website by promoting your activity to maximize conversions.

Share content on Twitter

Link Plug

Linkplugapp offers functions allowing your subscribers to automatically share your new publication. By creating a listing on your activity, you make each social sharing an opportunity to promote your brand.


Sniply, a content sharing tool, helps you drive traffic by attaching a call to action with every link you share. It allows you to turn your followers into users and customers.

Pay with a Tweet

Pay With a Tweet, helps you give community members access to your content or product as soon as they tweet or post about it. The tool thus creates a viral chain reaction in order to generate a social “buzz” for you.

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet makes it easier to promote a strong message on your site or in your content. Just compose the message to be shared by others, create a personalized link and share it. Anyone who clicks on the link will see your post automatically added to their status box. By clicking on it, they tweet your message.


Twilighter, allows you to make it easier for your readers to share your content on Twitter. The tool also highlights the most shared content to guide new visitors to the most popular content that they should share in turn.

Easily schedule a tweet


Prepare your messages with personalized texts for each social network, the tool takes care of the rest.



SociallyMap is a solution to allow you to automatically distribute your content to your various social network profiles. The publications are made with the right formats and with suitable timings. The tool also relays content from other sources in your various social networks. Features that let you focus on the tasks that matter most.


Bufferapp, a tweet scheduler, allows you to easily post to social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. A simple solution to quickly schedule the distribution of content from any other website in your social media, collaborate with members and have an analysis on the reach of your messages.


TwitterFeed, as the name suggests, is a tool that allows you to manage and schedule your feeds on Twitter. It has functions that allow you to properly configure your tweets.


Dlvr, is a tool allowing to deliver articles with more simplicity and efficiency. It is intended to be a solution to save time, share intelligently and engage audiences on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Google +… You can distribute feeds, image files and promotions via a single platform.


Ifttt, allows you to easily create connections between services. Connections are made through more than 153 channels including Facebook, Evernote, Weather, Email and LinkedIn. With each action on your part, Ifttt takes over to broadcast it by attaching a trigger that prompts your audiences to react.

Thus, you can easily share content automatically, automatically change your Twitter profile avatar when you change your Facebook profile, etc.


ClockTweets allows you to schedule your tweets over time. You just need to log into Twitter, accept this tool and start scheduling your tweets.


HootSuite is an application designed to more easily manage your Twitter account (s), alone or in a team.


Tweriod is an application designed to allow you to better know the hours of presence of your followers. It analyzes your tweets and those of your followers in order to indicate the best timings to broadcast your tweets. This free Twitter tool helps you reach as many people as possible.

Measure and monitor your Twitter followers


Bringer is a monitoring and measurement tool for social networks. It monitors and analyzes in real time the conversations around your activity and alerts you by email, SMS by offering recommendations for actions.

Twitter Counter

TwitterCounter is a statistics tool for Twitter. It gives a global overview on your account activity so you can achieve more impact with your tweets.


TweetStats is a tool designed to give you statistical data on the activity of your Twitter account. It gives a progression of the impact of your tweets by hour, day and month to allow you to schedule your tweets for the best timings.


Colibri, a listening and monitoring tool, lets you know what people are saying about your brand and your competitors. Important data to go directly to meet customers and set up a strategy to influence purchasing decisions. It helps you measure your reputation.

Social Mention

SocialMention is a social media search engine. You will have real-time access to the impact of your actions on social networks, blogs, comments etc.


FlollowerWonk is a comprehensive analytics tool for your Twitter account. It allows you to understand the behaviors of your followers, to find and follow new influencers in your industry. It also gives you the option to compare your performance with that of others and share your reports with everyone.

Various community manager tools on Twitter


Trends24 is the tool that allows you to know the latest Twitter trends in your city and country as well as globally. It gives you an overview of the shocking topics of the last 24 hours.


Tame helps you track and aggregate the conversations of your target followers on Twitter. You will receive a report of topics, links and interests from your followers.


Topsy allows you to search and analyze all types of information on Facebook or Twitter: links, tweets, photos, videos or influencers. It also helps you keep an eye on breaking trends and breaking topics of the last few hours.


Twinitor is a research and monitoring tool for Twitter. Thanks to it, you can search and monitor in real time any type of information (keywords, key expressions, etc.).

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