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10 Things that have happened since the collapse of Ikoyi’s building

The Lagos State Government has announced that 14 bodies have been recovered so far, and there are fears that more bodies may be recovered.

Authorities also rescued nine people from the rubble.

A tall building on Gerrard Road in Ikoyi collapsed on Monday.

And since the day relatives and friends who were expected to collapse the building have been rushing to the scene, hoping for the safety of their loved ones whose building collapsed.

In addition, since the day of the tragedy, there have been messages of condolence from Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ganau said it was around 2:25 on Monday that they realized the building was dancing, before it later collapsed.

Here are 10 things that have happened since the collapse of Ikoyi.

Rescue workers feel the effects of the onslaught of looting.

Although the death toll has risen since the building collapsed, on Tuesday rescue workers said they felt the movement of others alive under the building.

An eyewitness also told the newsmen he heard the voice of a woman under the building seeking help and they were trying to save her.

The entrance to the building is closed

The Lagos State Government has closed the road leading to Gerard Road where the building is located.

Authorities did so intending to give rescue workers easy access to the area.

The 21-story building collapsed on the highway.

However, the agency’s policy of allowing rescue workers to reach the disaster area was hampered.

The reason is that the road that was demolished is part of the heavily fortified Ikoyi area.

Engineers say the rescue operation is massive, requiring heavy equipment to dig the building from the ground up.

President Buhari has ordered that those evacuated from the building be alive to be taken care of.

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on the authorities to intensify the search and rescue operation for the victims.

The president also called on the emergency services, including hospitals, to provide all necessary assistance to the rescued.

President Buhari also expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and those currently being rescued.

The death toll has risen

In an earlier statement, the Lagos state government said 10 bodies had been recovered.

But on Tuesday a statement said the number had risen to 14.

Three people have been discharged from the hospital
Lagos State Deputy Governor Kadri Hamzat has said that three victims have been released from the hospital.

And the other six are now continuing their treatment getting easier.

The Lagos State Government has taken care of the nurses in the hospital

Lagos Deputy Governor Kadri Hamzat also said the state government would pay for the treatment of the rescued.

He made the remarks during a visit to the site of the collapse while rescue operations were underway.

The whereabouts of the engineer in charge are unknown

Fourscore Homes Limited suffered heavy losses due to the collapse of its building on Monday.

Olufemi Adegoke Osibona is the manager of the company in charge of the 21-story building, and unconfirmed reports say he was at the site before the spill.

But as of Tuesday evening, the rescue operation was still underway and his whereabouts were unknown.

The Lagos State government has suspended the chairman of the Construction Authority

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has announced the suspension of the chairman of the State Building Authority, Gbolahan Oki.

It is the first step in a series of investigations by authorities to determine the cause of the collapse.

The rescue operation continues

The military is now in charge of the rescue operation.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the task is beyond the control of civilians.

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