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10 Planners to schedule your Instagram posts

In the words of the boss of Instagram, publishing 2 posts per week and 2 stories per day is one of the keys to building your community on the social network. How to keep pace, while ensuring an effective presence on other platforms? The answer lies in Instagram planners!

Planning the publication of your Instagram content allows you to:

  • Create a cohesive aesthetic
  • Save time for other professional projects
  • Post more often to improve engagement: When your followers expect your post, they’re more likely to interact and engage with your content
  • Publish when your audience is most active: the tools provide you with data to better understand your community’s behavior
  • Write longer and more engaging captions
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Plan campaign launches perfectly

So, which tool should you use to schedule your Instagram posts? Here is our top 13!

 1. Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is used to specifically schedule your content on Instagram. It allows you to visualize the harmony of your feed before scheduling and publishing your posts. No more validation from you!

The tool even offers the possibility of scheduling stories.

In order to save you time, Combin Scheduler allows to change photo size, add location tags and copy / paste hashtags from your saved templates. Not to mention that you are able to connect up to 15 professional Instagram profiles. Great for freelancers or agencies who work with several clients, or companies with many brands.

2. Tailwind

The Tailwind application is available on desktop, tablet and mobile. You have the choice between being notified before the publication of your post / story or an automated delivery. The tool also offers you the possibility of automatically scheduling your content at the times when your audience is most engaged.

However, Tailwind does more than plan your content. You have a collection of designs to create professional publications with just a few clicks. Of course, you can personalize them with your logo and other elements of your graphic charter. The app also features a hashtag generator, which lets you use the best performing hashtags.

Finally, Tailwind offers a “” option: a tool that transforms the link in your bio into a perfect landing page for your Instagram campaigns.


3. Sendible

Sendible is one of the first tools developed for programming content on Instagram. Its basic plan of 24 € / month offers connections for a maximum of 6 Instagram profiles.

For stories and posts with multiple images, the tool notifies you before publishing them. As for those with unique content, they are published directly on Instagram.

Sendible has Canva integration for editing your content in just a few clicks. If you adore this visual creation tool, you will not be out of place.

Intuitive, the platform offers a drag-and-drop function to easily schedule your publications. In addition, Sendible has collaborative functions that allow you to share your publication schedule with members of your team. Perfect to have their feedback or validations before publication.

4. Sked Social

Sked Social is the only Instagram planner in the list that automatically posts Instagram images, videos, carousels, and stories. You can also use it to schedule posts on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google My Business.

Otherwise, it offers the features you find elsewhere: a feed preview, drag & drop functions, an image editing tool, etc.


PLANOLY users can post photos, videos and GIFs from the tool. Undeniable advantage: you can also program a comment. Useful if you want to give more information to your followers via this section, or put the hashtags in comments rather than in the caption.

In addition, PLANOLY detects the best times to publish your content and therefore offers you to automate this part.

like Sellit and Linkit, which help increase the number of clicks. Sellit facilitates online shopping from Instagram, without the need for a website, and Linkit allows you to create a clickable gallery to direct Internet users to your product pages.

Although PLANOLY does not yet allow direct scheduling of stories, you can create and schedule them from the app. You will then have to publish them manually.


6. Hootsuite

Certainly one of the most famous planning tools, Hootsuite allows you to schedule images and videos to your Instagram business account.

For stories or carousels, you will have to manually validate their publication via the mobile application.

Ideal for multi-brand businesses, freelance community managers or marketing agencies, Hootsuite offers a bulk upload option. Using an Excel file, you can schedule hundreds of contents at one time.

This Instagram planner is also useful if you duplicate your posts on several platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter …

Another advantage of Hootsuite: the AutoSchedule function which uses your personalized settings (posts per day, period and applicable days) and high engagement schedules to publish your content at the right time.


7. Buffer

As well known (and used!) As Hootsuite, Buffer allows you to schedule photos and videos on your Instagram business profile, as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. For stories or carousels, again, it will be necessary to manually validate the publication of the content.

You can also create, save, reuse, and organize hashtags in the hashtag manager. Handy for saving time on writing your posts, especially if you regularly use the same “hashtags”.

Buffer offers several other cool features like:

  • The programming of the first comment
  • Shop Grid: which turns your feed into an online store
  • Start Page: which transforms the link in your bio into a real landing page

8. Later

Like Buffer and Hootsuite, some programming options are available via the mobile application (stories, carousels) and others via desktop (images, videos, tags, etc.).

You create weekly time slots and simply swipe up posts to schedule them in seconds. You can also schedule your first comment to be published at the same time as your post.

In addition, Later has a visual planner to see what your feed will look like and judge its harmony.

9. Social Sprout

With Sprout Social , you can edit your in-app media and store your files in a library. Useful if you are creating several posts on the same template and want to get ahead.

Of course, you can automate the direct publication of your Instagram content.

Sprout Social is aimed more at large businesses and marketing agencies, as its basic plan starts at $ 89 per user per month. However, the tool goes well beyond post planning since it allows you to fully manage your social networks (comments, private messages, consultation of the feed, management of Ads), while offering you complete statistics, ideal for make your strategic decisions better.

Sprout Social

10. Falcon

Just like SproutSocial, Falcon is a comprehensive suite that helps you manage your Instagram account from A to Z. In addition to helping you plan your social media posts, the platform supports Facebook and Instagram Ads management. No need to switch to the Business Manager, it’s a real time saver!

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You can also carry out social listening actions and watch over your reputation, as well as your market, from Falcon.

In summary: if you are looking for a complete tool to manage your Instagram account, Falcon is a avenue to explore. Especially since it integrates collaborative functions, to easily exchange with your team or your customers.

Now all you have to do is choose the Instagram planner that best meets your needs! The good news is that most of them offer a free trial offer so you can get the best out of their functionality.

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