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Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo quits Journalism Due to Health Complications

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Nigeria controversial journalist Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has announced to her fans the need for her to leave the space in other for her to take care of her health.


Thank you Nigeria🇳🇬 It’s time for me to GO! The truth is that I cannot continue because my health has degenerated and broken down. I decided to go on a medical leave for a year and return by 2023 to cover the elections but all that changed. I worked hard, gave you content free even without a standard operating budget after losing HNNAfrica, many of you did not appreciate me, many spoiled my name, many called me names, I lost many opportunities but never stopped updating you. It became toxic and killed my mental health.

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Today I’m announcing that I have to rest now. I am Mentally and Physically WEAK. A foot surgery, a vulnerable immune system with Covid 19 out there and 50% #PTSD recovery, and said it over again, I have finally decided to LEAVE digital Journalism behind. As I leave tonight December 29th 2020, having practiced Journalism 26yrs and as NIGERIA’S first blogger 1999 Google Pyra, I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved in my career. 32 years as a Clinical Pharmacist and 24 years as a certified Public Relations Specialist and expert.

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I was working at home as a Digital Journalist with a newborn🍼 baby @richkjtmusic now 20yo. Now he’s taking care of me at home. Pray for us. Don’t forget us, follow his music, his Instagram blog @brysonsintern. He goes to school daily in America via Zoom. Stay in touch with me in my Instagram DM which is now open to say hello and keep in touch. I will answer as many messages as I can but I’m no longer working on my DIGITAL JOURNALISM platforms due to my health so pls no assignment requests.

I will blog my progress Saturdays on Instagram and Facebook Story or Twitter Fleets. For news go to a reputable mainstream media platform. I will leave the page open for 3 mos. Check archives with Hashtags. #ijcovid19 #kemitalkscelebrities #ijlekkimassacre #kemitalksfood #Kemitalkshealth etc etc.
God bless you and God bless Nigeria🙏🏾🇳🇬 Happy New Year 2021
You can ask me any questions at this time. I will try answering everybody.
Goodbye #DrKemiOlunloyo #Keminications Media @Kemitalks